By Justin Gerard
The following is some development work for a piece I am working on for Spectrum Live next month. 
Digital Color Comp
This color comp was a little break from other work I had been doing recently which mostly involved dwarves, wizards and other assorted hairy men. I wanted to do something different for a bit. 

Princess study on toned paper
I liked the direction it was heading, but then it just felt too empty. There was not enough narrative interest and my brain started to go numb from boredom. Beauty should be its own excuse to paint, but it is already beautiful outside right now; i needed to add something more.  
I realized it was missing the key element: 

Rat ninjas.

Early digital face gestures 

The ninjas made me feel a lot better about everything. Now there is a good tension along with (hopefully) something beautiful. They add a nice contrast to our princess and now I wanted to know more about her, where she is going, where she has been, and why they want to nab her. What will happen next?

Tight drawing on heavyweight bristol.  

If you are going to be at Spectrum Live in May stop by and say hello to see how the final color version turns out!