-By Dan dos Santos

As I was logging into my email account the other day, I saw this advertisement next to my log-in window.

I immediately thought to myself, “Wow, that looks pretty good! I’m psyched to see they are using traditional art in an ad campaign. Whoever they got to imitate that 60’s style of illustration really nailed it!’

Well, it turns out, they didn’t just get some illustrator to simply imitate the style… the piece of art was actually created by Brian Sanders, a well known illustrator who is partly responsible for solidifying that 60’s style in the first place! The NY Times even did a nice write up on him, as a result.

Brian has been in the industry longer than most of us have been alive, and it’s really nice to see that after all these years, he still has his feet in the game.

Here’s hoping that all of us are so lucky as to still be hunched at our drafting tables when we’re 75.

And if you like Brian’s work, or that style in general, be sure to check out the book Lifestyle Illustration of the 60’s, which contains not only his works, but works by hundreds of other notable artists from the era, like Bernie Fuchs, Lynn Buckham, Herb Tauss, Coby Whitmore and many, many more.