-By Dan dos Santos

This Friday is the beginning of the 2013 Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia!

DragonCon is the world’s largest SF/F convention. Attracting more than 50,000 visitors, it is the definitive convention for cosplay enthusiasts. It also has a incredibly impressive art show, attracting SFF/F artists from all over the world, including many of our friends here on Muddy Colors.

This year’s Artist Guest list includes:

Jim Burns
Omar Rayyan
Justin Gerard
Dan Dos Santos
Todd Lockwood
Don Maitz
Janny Wurts
Mark poole
Annie Stegg
Kelly Freas
Travis Lewis
Tran Nguyen

and many, many more.

And that is just the art show. ‘Comic Alley’ boasts an equally impressive list artists from that genre as well.

In addition to exhibiting original works, and selling prints, many Artists will be partaking in panel discussions and doing live demos.

On Monday, I will be doing a live demo. I will be painting a portrait from life of ComicBookGirl19, the model who poses for my White Trash Zombie series.

Live Portrait Painting Demo, with Dan dos Santos
Award-winning illustrator demonstrates techniques, discusses methods, and answers
questions while he paints one of his favorite models, ComicbookGirl19.
Mon 11:30 am; Hanover AB [H]

Also on Monday, Justin Gerard and Annie Stegg will also be doing a demo.

Traditional Painting Techniques, with Justin Gerard and Annie Stegg
Annie and Justin demonstrate how to create an illustrated scene from initial thumbnail to final brushstrokes.
Mon 10:00 am; Hanover G [H]

Here is a small sampling of some of the other programs and demos throughout the weekend that may of interest to our readers.

Narrative in Picture-Making, with Todd Lockwood
A round-table art discussion with fantasy artists.
Sat 7:00 pm; Hanover AB [H]

Demo: Painting in Watercolor, with Omar Rayyan
The artist creates a watercolor painting from start and finishes with a Q&A. The art will be auctioned for charity.
Sun 10:00 am; Hanover G [H]; 2.5 Hrs

Visual Engineering: How to Construct a Great Image, with Don Maitz
Tips and methods to improve creative image making by understanding and applying the basic raw materials of visual construction.
Mon 11:30 am; Hanover G [H]

Taxes for Artists
CPA and artist Christy Nicholas explains how to be sure you don’t pay all those nonexistent art profits in taxes.
Fri 5:30 pm; Hanover G

Professional Illustration for Games and Publishing
A step-by-step overview of procedures and timetables for development of a professional illustration assignment.
Fri 7:00 pm; Hanover AB [H]

Sculpting Fascinating Creatures of All Sorts
A tutorial on sculpting all sorts of creatures both real and imaginary from a variety of mediums from the armature up.
Sat 7:00 pm; Hanover G [H]

So stop into the Art Show and say ‘Hi’ to all of us! We hope to see you there!