by Greg Ruth

The misborn of our creative concepts are always our favorites. They died before their explosive potential could be weathered down by reality, and the limits of executing them. In reality they would have probably not achieved the lofty chalice that we imagine them to have grabbed if executed.
We as creative people often forget this, that it is a misunderstanding. Even knowing this truth I still look at projects I had conceived or even begun in earnest, with this wistful gaze. They still whisper to me that they want to be born or finished even if it may never happen. EDENTOWN, a psychotically weird sci-western thing I was doing with Bob Schreck for Vertigo a few years ago is one of those and it still calls out to me today- maybe even moreso now that an excerpt from it has found print in the newly published comics anthology by the Brand New Nostalgia/OOSA kickstarted collaboration, KBOOM-box. In any case, whatever it is, here is that story.

Here below for the first time anywhere you can read the whole excerpt. It was cobbled together from the first completed issue of the intended comic. I Have designs to both post the whole first issue soon and finish the remainder in time. Stay tuned.