By Justin Gerard
“The Last of His Kind”
Drawing on toned paper.
As many of you know or suspect, I prefer watercolor, pencil and digital to working in other mediums. There is a energy and vitality to working with lines that I can’t seem to get in other ways.  
Also, watercolor and pencil has become comfortable routine action for me; like making cheese toast, or asking someone else to make me cheese toast.   
Oil Painting on the other hand is something more stressful, like amateur bomb defusal.  (red wire or blue wire? I DON”T KNOW I’M CUTTING ALL THE WIRES)
Still, sometimes I get an image in my head that just won’t work with watercolor and pencil. It needs more ‘oomph’. And there is nothing like working in oil for achieving oomph. 
And lacking a mast to tie myself to, I cannot ignore the siren song of Rembrandt. So I dig out the Old Holland paints and walnut oil to try my hand at it again. 
So for this week’s post I am sharing a work in progress of oil I have been working on. I hope you enjoy. 
Acrylic underpainting on gessoed 11×14 panel
Monochrome oil over the acrylic on panel
The final painting will be available to see in person at the KrabJab show, “Marriage is a Work of Art” debuting April 11. It will be there alongside Annie’s gorgeous painting that she will be revealing later this week.  

In Closing: Please remember to observe April Fool’s day by asking all your friends what they got their mothers for Mother’s Day.