-By Jesper Ejsing

Notice how all the adventures are flat on the feet. Fantasy Flight Games 

Here is my 2 pennies on dynamics. I have almost no idea of what i am good at. I try to collect evidence and take out sentences from people writing me on facebook or email. Seems to be the consensus that dynamic drawings is a skill that has landed on my doorstep. I do think that dynamic is cool and great and all that, and I have been pushing it for years. It is not cos I do not believe in static pictures I do, but if I make a sketch and it doesn´t jump at me, have forshotnings, show depth or expression, I just find it boring. drawing and not liking my own drawing is like a wound that wont stop bleeding. “If you are content with this mediocre sketch, Jesper, you might as well have gotten a real job and finished your education “, is what my inner voice tells me if I gets too lazy or try to accept something that is not pushed to the limit of my imagination.

Cover sketch, all figures in motion, falling or jumping

I remember, when I was younger, the good and always blunt on advice; Todd Lockwood, told me that my figures in a fight scene were too less in motion. I could only agree  and since then I have made an effort to not have fighting figures resting on much weight. I try to keep figures in mid-motion as if the painting was a snapshot of an action taking place, rather than a representation of a scene. here is a couple of paintings that show my progression in dynamics.