-By Jesper Ejsing

painting is a remake of an old magic card called Goblin Charbelcher. I painted
this one, the same time as another goblin card, and kind of missread the
description thinking that this guy, showeling garbage up into a canon, was of
the same goblin race as the other one I was painting. The sketch for this card
shows a Moog ( A special kind of goblin race ) but in final I changed it to a
more generic kind of goblin. Well, I am really not too fond of either green
goblins or green orcs so  I kind of made
my own redish and brown dual colored skin tone for the Belcher. Often I think the dual
tone for skin with a darker top and a lighter belly and underside of arms and palms,
generally the softer areas, is great. It mimics how animals look in nature, and makes for
a more believable creature.

The best
part of this painting was that I got to do a Black Lotus, the famous best magic
card in the world. I also had free hands to do other strange items being lying around in
the trash yard and also being stuffed into the canon. I did a Storm Crow, a
carrot and a stick of dynamite, amongs less leathal pieces. Notably there is a referanche
to a another magic card lying behind him. it is a Ratchet Boom.

For colors
I used a very favorite palette theme of mine. Mostly I was thinking of a warm
bouncing light from the trash and a bluish white from the moon, and more or
lessed builded it all up from mixes of the two. I really try to think of temperatures in choosing colors. the difference descripe 3d objects better, I think.