by Howard Lyon

I love the landscapes of Hermann David Salomon Corrodi.  I love them for the color, the design and the insights that they give us into life in his time.  I am sure they idealized and editorialized, but like many painting they still offer a peek into the past.

Some of the files below are giant, and reveal some great brushwork and textures so be sure to open the images in their own tabs, or download them and take a closer look.

I love the beautiful gradient of the sky in the painting below.  Look at the great transition from background to foreground starting at the horizon and moving forward into the righthand foreground.  It is beautifully done.

I believe this is a sketch below.  Be sure to look at this larger, especially the tree.  I love the texture and simplicity in the way it was painted.

I was lucky enough to stand in the same spot that this was painted when I was in Rome last April. So cool to see how things have changed and what has stayed the same.  You can see the arch of Septimus Severus on the left and the temple of Saturn on the far right.

Here is a photosphere image taken from a similar spot I found on Google Maps.


This image below is HUGE!  Be sure to zoom in and look at the brushwork.

Sadly, the painting below is need of repair, but still beautiful.

Gorgeous play of color and light and showing the Corrodi’s love of sky reflecting in water.  When you have a good thing going…

The study below is for a painting that I saw in as part of the Dahesh collection.

Here is the final painting.  You can see how close it is, but there are some important changes and I love the richness of color in the finals.  I love the transition of the water from the oranges and purples of in the reflection into the greens of the foreground.

I don’t know why, but this little collection of clouds really intrigued me!

Thanks for giving the post a read and I hope you enjoyed seeing these Corrodi’s as much as I did.