-By Howard Lyon

I love auctions sites (and have posted on them before) because they usually provide very high quality, semi-large images of the paintings up for auction.

The upcoming European Painting auction is full of some great images.  Be sure to scroll all the way through to see several Bouguereau’s, Godward, Gérôme, Tadema, Moore, Solomon, Knight and more.  It is a great selection.  I’d love to go to the preview of it.  If any readers should make it, please send me some photos!

Sotheby’s often has images that are 2000 px in one of the dimensions and very high quality.  I could type a lot about them, but the images don’t need my words getting in the way.  Here they are (and click to enlarge).

Sir Lawrence Alma- TademaThe Three Graces

Okay, now I want a picture frame like this!

Paul-Francois QuinsacLa Fortune Passe…: Guidée par la sagesse et l’economie, elle répand ses dons sur les traveilleurs

This painting is has an amazing sense of light and atmosphere.

Max ThedyThe Building of the Pyramids

Gustave Moreau Premiere Danseuse. Mademoiselle subra. Ballet de Sapho

William Bouguereau Petite Bergere

Always a pleasure to see one of his paintings come up!

Ferdinand Victor Léon RoybetA Choice

I hate that this is where my mind went, but this is begging to be used for many a meme.

Isador KaufmanPortrait of a Boy

Alfred-Pierre AgacheL’Annonciation

I love this painting.  The big negative space of the sky is perfect. The face of the figure on the left is beautiful are the hands.  Anyone with an extra 80-120k want to buy it and let me come look at it?  Much appreciated.

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel L’Aurore

Arthur Hacker Vale (Farewell)

Herbert Arnould OlivierLove and Purity

Another stand out piece for me and from an artist that I wasn’t familiar with.  Always exciting when that happens.

William BouguereauLe Voile

Georges Jules Victor ClairinThe Sultan’s Favorites

Emile ClausThe Mosque of Sidi Boumediene

John Atkinson GrimshawThe Docks at Liverpool

Solomon Joseph SolomonA Page Buckling on a Knight’s Armour

Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-BouveretJeune Femme en Rose avec son Enfant

Guillaume SeignacAdmiring Beauty

Victor Gabriel GilbertJeunes Femmes aux Marché

I love paintings like this one that give us a little glimpse into the past.  Look at the patchwork of materials in the roof of their kiosk.

Charles Amiable LenoirYoung Girl with Cherries

Sir Alfred James Munnings Portrait of Mrs. Bayard Tuckerman

This is a wonderful portrait.  I love the varied brushwork.  Compare the clouds to the tightly rendered horse.  Great shapes on the landscape and a beautiful subdued palette.

Léon-Augustin LhermitteMoisson Pres du ru Chailly

Daniel Ridgeway KnightAt the Well

William BouguereauStudy for l’Adoration des Mages

Jean-Léon GérômeLe Combat de Coqs

John William GodwardJulia

Godwards estimates seem to keep creeping up there, almost on par with Bouguereau’s!

Cécile Paul-BaudryLa Sultane Favorite

Anders ZornPortrait of Harald Bildt

Jean-Léon GérômeLa Vierge, l’Enfant Jesus et Saint Jeanˆ

I want to have a piece of mine in a frame like that!

Montague DawsonThe Red Jacket on Open Seas

Albert Joseph MooreTopaz