-By Greg Ruth

“It’s like Bernie Fuchs and Bill Sienkiewicz had a a baby!” is the first thing I thought when I first discovered the massive ppol of art over the last sixty odd years of Brian Sanders’ long career. There’s a defined fluidity here I will always chase and never catch and his ability to craft the real without ever undermining the abstract is unparalleled. Like Fuchs, Sanders has an incredible gift for maximizing the narrative of the images he draws with his composition ninja skills- We could all of us working in this field learn a lot from his ability to design a page. If you are new to Sanders as I still am, here’s a few favorite pics below to see what I mean. Aside from doing a stint of illos for Kubrick and 2001 A Space Odyssey and more recently, work for Mad Men, much of his stuff can be found sprinkled throughout women’s grocery store magazines throughout the sixties and seventies. But barring a time machine to a Nixon-era Kroger, the interwebs are fairly resplendent with some of his work. Happily there is a show going up at the Lever Gallery May 12-July 31in London. If you are in the motherland, please stop by and take a look- I’d kill to see these in person myself. (Well, maim without permanent effect, maybe. I mean let’s be civilized about it).

You can see more at his website right HERE