I had a great week in Pennsylvania this last week! My wife, Shari, and I spent the last week at Illuxcon, but also went to the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Clark Institute and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We also visited the R&F Paint factory in Kingston and had a great time seeing how they make their exceptional paint sticks and encaustic colors. I have so many inspiring images and things to share. Too much for one post though. Let’s start with some of the highlights from the Pennsylvania Museum of Art.

** If you like the images below, and want some REALLY big images of them, here is a link to a Google Drive folder. The nerdy photography side of me likes the challenge to see how good of a capture I can make of a painting in a museum. On this last trip, I think I upped my game a little. The hi-res version of the Tadema painting below, measures in at 16681 x 8301 pixels. At 300 dpi, you could print it 55 1/2″ wide, which is just 6 inches smaller than the original. It’s a huge file! Enjoy 🙂

Peter Severin Krøyer – Interior of a Tavern – Oil on canvas 1886

John Singer Sargent – Portrait of Lady Eden – Oil on canvas 1906

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema – A Reading From Homer – Oil on canvas 1885

Eduard Charlemont – The Moorish Chief – Oil on canvas – 1878