The older I get, the more appreciative I become of the word INSPIRATION, or better said the phenomenon of inspiration. It is rapidly becoming one of the most meaningful aspects and essential concerns of my present life.

It is my hope that some of you, especially those who believe in the notion that the Spirit has the Body, and not the other way around – that is, the Body has the Spirit – might perhaps find this little musing on Inspiration a ”breath of fresh air”.

However, in order to be as clear as possible right from the start, below is a little diagram that offers an insightful look into the etymological origins of this word.  What we make out of the suggested meaning, how we interpret it, is entirely up to us. In other words, we will accept it, or reject it according to our own belief, adopted point of view, ideology, personality, experience and all the rest of it.

Both theoretically and experientially, Inspiration means this to me —( the metaphor of the balloon might sound rather simplistic, however it is intentionally used for a sole purpose of avoiding any kind of philosophical, religious, or scientific discourse and bringing it down to the level of experiential knowledge instead – we all know what being inspired by something, or somebody feels like)—

The air, which we constantly breath, means literarily Life to us. Just a few minutes without it, and we are dead. The air is invisible to the naked eye, without smell and without taste. It is always present. If not, we are in trouble. Without air in it, a balloon is a “dead” thing. Formless, unable to jump around, rise up in the air, or fly. The air which the balloon is inflated with enables the balloon to expand into its “natural” form, helps it move, makes it alive. The right measure, or the quantity, as well as the quality (warm, cold) of the air is crucial. Too little air and the balloon will not fly; too much air and the balloon might explode. Without air, the balloon is nothing but a formless, dormant potential. Now, exchange the air for the spirit, and the balloon for the body (creative spirit and creation, or object of art) and you get the whole picture….Remember, I belong to those who believe that Spirit has the Body, and not the other way around.

Having said that, I must add that what this individual (or any other individual for that matter) thinks, believes or even knows should not be of much concern to you (people have all sorts of ideas), unless it is played out in the reality we all share, reality which can effect us either in a positive, or a negative way. Therefore, all that has been said is just a little background story to the images presented below – which you might find inspirational, or not – that suggest, perhaps in a bit funny way, my approach to this phenomenon and how I sometimes practically deal with.

So, several years ago, early in the morning, on my computer screen –


And a few details…


Have a silly day!