The Return of the Hero – 50×60 cm, oil on canvas. Private collection.

Striving to become a Master in one’s craft is the Way to be a perfect student.

There is no end to the process of becoming a Master. One is always a student. The more knowledge and skill one gains, the more obvious it becomes how minuscule and insignificant one’s knowing and ability is against the vastness and grandeur of Creation. Naturally one is humbled by this realization and the happy moment might dawn upon him. That is to say – to become, voluntarily, a servant of the expression of THAT is perhaps the greatest mastery one will ever be able to attain.

Therefore one has two basic choices – to refuse to serve, or to accept it. Becoming a master is the movement from refusal to acceptance.


One should try to master all techniques, then forget them.

When tackling a painting/object, one should empty oneself of all knowledge and let one’s hand/body does its work. While the mind is resting in stillness, one should quietly observe whatever response (technique) to the presented challenge might spontaneously rise to the surface. A Master is an awakened observer of the process unfolding.