Nathan Fowkes is a veteran entertainment industry artist, lecturer and author with credits on 11 feature films including The Prince of Egypt, Spirit, several projects within the Shrek Universe, How to Train Your Dragon, The Legend of Puss in Boots and Rio2. He is currently working on animated feature films for Disney, Blue Sky Studios and Paramount Animation. As a consultant, Nathan has worked with Blizzard Entertainment, King, Disney Interactive, Riot Games and Ubisoft to enhance their theatrical presentation.

Adobe Live has created an amazing series of free educational videos, geared towards digital artists. In this series, join Illustrator, Teacher and Author Nathan Fowkes as he references past work to demonstrate color techniques and create original illustrations! In this three-part series, Nathan focuses on the concept of unity with variety. Watch as  he uses this method to convey stories and emotions through color. This is a really fantastic demo, with a total runtime of more than 4 hours. Catch it before it’s gone!

A screenshot of the thumbnails that Nathan produces in this three-part video for Adobe.