I was only recently introduced to the stunning work of ELSA MORA thanks to Jen Smith, and have been more than a little obsessed with her way of seeing since. One of the things that struck us both right away was the diversity of media she works in, while maintaining her singular vision throughout. While she largely hovers around her stunning cutout paperwork, the like of which blow me away like you would not believe, her ethic swims headily through her photography, painting, drawing and mixed media work beautifully. Even her painted rocks series is singular and marvelous to behold. Below are a few samples from each of her areas of work:


There’s something about this work that inspires me deeply, and in my most favorite kind of way: it makes me want to work. Not copy her work, but work on my own ideas sparked by the drafting of her sparkling creativity.





If you’re not yet familiar with her work, please head on over to see more. She is a true inspiration. You can find her work at her website right HERE.