This month marked a personal milestone, as of this month I have been working as a professional artist for 40 years. What follows is a selection of one piece from each of the last 40 years. I’m not posting these because of my pride in the work as much as that I am interested in finding my own voice, and an occasional look backwards can be interesting as well as instructive, at least to me. Through todays eyes, some of these are dated, some of them cringe-worthy, a few hold up- but i think each one of them couldn’t have happened withought their author being imformed by having made it’s predecesors. so:


Beginning in 1980:

robert hunt illustration 1980

1980 Alcoholic Father Listen magazine

robert hunt illustration 1981 Atari Star raiders

1981 Atari Star Raiders box cover

robert hunt illustration dancer

1982 Dancer personal work from series

robert hunt illustration dependency

1983  Children of dependency Listen Magazine

robert hunt 1984 the walking drum

1984 The Walking Drum. First Book Cover

robert hunt illustration

1985 OBI 1 created for San Francisco Society of Illustrators show poster (unused)

Robert Hunt ilolustration williams sonoma

1986 Williams Sonoma annual report 

1987 George Jones Super Hits Album cover

robert hunt illustration

1988 Shaman book cover

Robert Hunt Illustration Secret Garden

1989 Secret Garden book cover

Robert Hunt Bay Bridge series

1990 Bay Bridge Earthquake series

1981 Kilauea United Nations Environmental program

robert hunt Pendelton

1982 Taos Pueblo Pendelton Woolen Mills ad campaign

1983 Self Made Man (unused ad campaing for bank) Robert Hunt Tour de France

1984 Tour de France documentary series bicycling magazine

1995 Dreamworks logo

robert hunt tryptich

1996 Girl of the Year : Edie Segewick Tryptich Society of Illustrators retrospective (with Kazu Sano) :

1997  Blue Rose Girl from series of gallery paintings

1998 poster for lecture at Syracuse University

1999 Outlaws of Sherwood Book cover

2000: Picture of the day year end Roundup. trying to find my own voice after 20 years

2001 Personal work, Bush administration “collector’s plates”

2002 “plein air” study (painted in a cemetery). First time ever painting outside of the studio. Baby Steps.

2003 Stowe Lake 2 Landscape painting push phase one.

2004 This is Just To Say From The Poetry of William Carlos Williams (published as illustrated by my temporary alterego “Robert Crockett”)

2005  Poetry for Young People: The Seasons (published as illustrated by my temporary alterego “Robert Crockett”)

2006 The Jungle – book cover

2007 Oedipus Rex book cover

2008 caesars palace mural

2009 The Jade Man’s skin book cover

2010 Mt. Tam 7 landscape painting – phase 2. making a serious push with my first solo show of landscape work.

robert hunt Obama Trial by Fire 2012 illustration

2012 Obama / The New Republic.

2012 Rolling Stones rolling stone

2013 Autumn Sonata Criterion Collection

2014 show of landscapes from Everest region of Nepal

2015 Picnic at Hanging Rock Criterion collection


2016, Anti trump personal piece

2017 The Ballad of Black Tom book cover

2018 Lie detector– Time

2019 The Vetting

2020: Death Row: the New Washington Monument (for Liberty Magazine, formerly called Listen magazine, see illustration number 1, from 1980, above.

Like everyone else, this pandemic has been wearing on me, and I’m kind of talked out for the moment. I think this month I’m just letting the work -or rather my evolution through the work – do the talking.

As Mr. Glaser said (see my pervious post) : “Art is Work”.

Back to work.