Hajime Sorayama (b. 1947) has been a longtime influence of mine, ever since I discovered his work as a teenager. And although his mostly erotic work may not be every Artist’ ‘cup of tea’, the man’s skill and creativity is certainly undeniable. Having essentially created an entire genre unto himself, Sorayama’s influence can be seen in nearly every facet of modern Science Fiction art.

I’ve taken a renewed interest in Sorayama’s work recently, as I contemplate shifting more toward water based media. Fortunately, there is a lot of information available on his working methods, as he generously includes tutorials and step-by-steps in many of his art books. Still, in my searches, I was excited to come across this series of videos called ‘Sorayama’s Secrets Revealed’. More than 3 hours long, this video captures most Sorayama’s process, entirely in real time!