In my work lately I’ve been focusing a lot on light, and how it can be used to create interesting shapes and unconventional compositions. So today I am sharing a few images from my inspiration folder that feature ✨light✨ (and shadow) in creative ways. Alas, deadlines loom, so I can’t write about the topic in depth, but looking a pretty pictures is always a good thing, right?

Hiroshi Yoshida –  Great Temple in Madurai (1931)

Maxfield Parrish – A Venetian Night’s Entertainment (1903)

Andrew Wyeth – That Gentleman (1960)

Coles Phillips – Reading by the bookshelf (1915)

Kawase Hasui – Meguro Fudo Temple (1931)

David Grove – Society of Illustrators annual show poster (1988)

Anders Zorn – The Omnibus (1892)

Arai Yoshimune – Fishing Boat (1910-30s)

Anna Ancher – Evening sun in the artist’s studio at Markvej (1913)

Robert Heindel – Higher

Bertha Lum – Goblin Dance (1912)

Eyvind Earle – Winter Bonsai (1982)

Robert Vickrey – Wings

John Singer Sargent – Santa Maria della Salute (1906)

Martin Lewis – The Great Shadow (1925)