Hey folks! This month we catch you up on my “Rock -n- Roll Fantasy” series with a new oil painting of the legend, Jimi Hendrix! My idea with these pieces is to paint music icons, and give their portraits a fantastical twist. Luckily I have an ideal place for them hang with Wentworth Gallery– a gallery with literal rock star art. They count among their roster the likes of Paul Stanley from Kiss, Joe Satriani- guitar god, Rick Allen from Def Leppard, Brian Wheat from Tesla. And we all know the deep history between fantasy art and rock album covers. It is a match made in heaven.

Had a blast on this one combining a graphic, almost silk screen vibe, combined with one of the butteriest (Is that a word?) brush attacks I’ve done in a while. Also rocking some new brushes that I call ‘stubbies’ but are actually called Princeton Aspen 650o ‘shorts’. Usually I am a long bristle flat user. Which is fabulous for the thin paint I am often using. But if I wanna shove around some thicker pigment, I find that the short stout bristles really let you spread it like a butter knife.