Summertime means projects, starting new ones, finishing a long term, or plugging away at a current idea that might take some time to fully realize. For my graphic novel project I have been building out characters over the last several weeks in tandem with the Level Up series I have been developing. Fletch is a secondary character I have been developing on the show, and in this video I am posting here I am doing a portrait study in gouache to fully learn about “his coloration” and what paints I would consistently use under normal lighting conditions to paint them.
The video is sped up, but should serve as a guide into using the medium, especially on a tonal surface. The paper is Canson Scrap Book Bristol, and the gouache paints were mostly DaVinci, with the exception of the white I had to use because I ran out of my usual. It was acryla-gouache which means it does not reactivate, something I paid no attention to until after I had tiled up a good amount of the face. Oops.
Here is the palette. There is a warm and a cool for each hue so I have temperature options. As many colors as there are, it is really just a red, yellow, and blue palette.


I hope you all are okay with videos, it seems so much easier to demonstrate vs. a series of photos and lengthy explanations. IF, though, you would like more of those, feel free to leave comments below, and leave an idea of what you would like to see as a demonstration in whatever medium you work in.

If you are coming to SD Comicon this year, please stop by our booth, 5561 near the artists alley, and pop in to one of my lecture demonstrations if you can make them. I am doing three on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in room 11.
I also have new Quick Tip Table Mats that will be on sale there at the convention, and soon to be up for sale on our website in late August. There is a little commercial plug in this video that show two of the three designs. They printed exceptionally well, and are packed full of great information on several important art subjects, soon to have 7 more added to the line of mats available.
See you in August and have a safe summer.