The Hill That Grew, 1974, my first grade teacher Mrs. Bryant allowed me to answer grammar assignments with drawings.

All children draw.

The desire to tell stories and communicate to others is woven deeply in us, much like breathing.  Artists are those who never stopped telling stories.

Consumed with other issues this month, I open the window on some of the early steps in my pathway that got me to where I am now.

Snowscape, 1978, copy lessons from Jon Gnagy’s books.

Inspired by the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Blueprint concept book, 1980.


Axe Beak, 1981, one of my methods in learning was to trace other drawings and then modify the narrative.


Dragon Staff, 1982, Items for D&D role-playing characters.


Dungeons & Dragons Maps, 1982, that graph paper was hand drawn with a blue BIC ballpoint pen, 1/4″ squares.


Wolverine, 1983


Space Marines, 1983




Iron Man, 1984, my first ‘painted’ image.


Wolverine, 1984


Superhero and science fiction character sketches, 1984, or ‘How I spent my study hall time’


Beta-Ray Bill and Thor, 1984


Nazgul, 1985, my very first commercial sale!  $5!


Champion role-playing character and Sentinel, 1985


What Do the X-Men Do All Day? or Busy, Busy Town, 1985, my epic inked image from high school senior year.


Assault on Helm’s Deep, 1985, the other epic from high school where I buried my fear of mass figure compositions.


The Last Laugh, 1985


Prisoner, first formal art project – up until this class, I had only drawn as a hobby/fan with no formal classes or training, 1987

Graphite photo-real drawings, 1987-88. Spun out of that first drawing class…Again, again! Again, Again!


Gandalf and the Balrog, 1988, some of my earliest oil paintings.


Driving at Night, 1988


RISD bicycle art test, 1989


Sublime Dreaming, 1990


Macbeth, 1990


Stevie Ray Vaughn, 1990


Surrealism, 1990


Omega Corps comic, 1990


Diplomacy – Omega Corps, 1990


Dragon Hunter, 1991


Dragon Hunter 2 (too), 1991


St. George and the dragon, 1991


Grompy comic strip, 1991


Anatomy lessons, 1991


Stitched, 1991


Omega Corps, page 2 of 10, 1992, Backgrounds-ship – Donato, foreground figures Steve Ellis


Crucifixion, 1992


Annunciation, 1992, my first painting where I hired a professional figure model to pose, knowing it would make the painting better.


My first published commercial commission as a professional illustrator, 1993.