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Author: Donato Giancola


by Donato I’m moving through some changes,  I’ll never be the same. -YES Change is a...

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  • Nico kopf on Half BakedHit the nail on the head! Thanks for this insightful article ... pretty sure many artists out there can relate.
  • Allen on Half BakedYou definitely have to see if it suit your manner of working...and thanks for reading!
  • Allen on Half BakedNo problem, It's something that most of us do to one degree or another I think.
  • nishakohli on Why is Blue So Rare in Nature?contact girl-=-=--
  • Michael Rechlin on More Starts And FinishesThese are all remarkable works, unique in their own way. The top one "Acquisition of the Sun" reminds me of a Frazetta piece "Dark Kingdom" though abs…