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Author: Donato Giancola


-By Donato Claude Monet,  Ice Floes, 1893 A recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art put me...

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  • greg on Watching the Moon Landing LIVEThanks Beth, Gyula, and Ping! They were incredibly fun to paint!
  • Autumn on Gooseberry What? Part AThese food illustrations are beautiful! I'm guessing it's not "cool" to work for this company, but I would love illustrating in this style. Nice work!
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  • Halloran Parry on Thinking about skin tones, chroma and Munsell::time passes:: I just read all the links and I think I’ve got this. Check my work. Saturation is the purity of light wavelength, regardless of the am…
  • Marci on Productive ProcrastinationOh yes... sometimes I am deep into a cleaning and organizing frenzy before I realize that I'm doing it to procrastinate about something. I just starte…