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  • divorceronline on Earthsea Cover ProcessA divorce could be given using Fault or No-Fault grounds. Of them, the No-Fault grounds would be the most simple and easiest to prove. Below are ten s…
  • Arnie Fenner on Prince of DarknessBoth he and Sanjulian really had a killer run of covers for Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella back in the day. Enric is still one of my favorites.
  • Arnie Fenner on Prince of DarknessThanks, Matt! I, too, am glad Mignola's graphic novel is finally back in print and I love Bill Sienkiewicz's vampire art (the one featuring Van Helsin…
  • sebastian on Prince of DarknessLoving those, specially the one from Enric Torres, loving all that atmosphere.
  • Matt Dicke on Prince of DarknessThese are great! Always loved Mignola's Dracula adapation, and it is a shame it took so long to be back in print. Here is another favorite, Bill's Vam…