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  • Nico kopf on Sketchbook AffirmationsThis is great! Thank you.
  • pamela on Sketchbook AffirmationsMy apologies for another note!!! But I remembered an old Persian Fairytale I read years ago. The part of the tale that stuck with me is when the siste…
  • Pamela on Sketchbook AffirmationsJust want to add - I am sorry your computer!!! Hope you are able to buy a new one or get it fixed. So glad you were able to use your phone camera and…
  • Pamela on Sketchbook AffirmationsThank you Vanessa for sharing your journey and your art. It is very inspiring to me. I truly enjoy reading your thoughts and process about your art. I…
  • Vanessa on Sketchbook AffirmationsAw well thanks a bunch, Francesco. Take care over there!