Gregory Manchess

Seriously, you only make it harder for me to maintain my career.
The deadline has passed for this year’s entries, but consider it for next time. Each year, I take the risk to enter my pieces into the competition, and honestly, if not as many of you entered, it would be much easier for me.
More and more of you appear to be entering, and so many are so good, it gets harder to compete. The quality keeps going up. 
Because the judging is an anonymous process, young artists with fresh visions are able to get in. This makes us established artists grumpy. It means we have to maintain our skills, or even…heaven forbid, get better.
So please, consider these points before thinking about entering Spectrum:
1. My work looks better when there’s not so many other artists around it.

2. I won’t have to send in as many pieces because I’ll stand a better chance and spend less to get in.

3. You make it hard for art directors to choose my work more often.

4. You force me to think up better ideas.

5. You take up many of the ideas available out there.

6. If you get in, you’ll make the book heavier.