A year or so ago, I received a call from Karen Haber, asking if I would take part in a book called “Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art“. The book contains tons of paintings and tutorials from many of my favorite artists, including Donato Giancola, Rebecca Guay, Brom and James Gurney, amongst many, many others.

Last week I received a few copies of the book, and I was honestly blown away by the quality of the reproductions and the content of the articles. I highly recommend this book to any aspiring artists who would like a peek at what goes into making a professional illustration.

Having a few more copies of the book than I knew what do with, I decided to distribute them to the students of this year’s IMC class (which I am still at right now). Since there are obviously more students than books, we decided to play a game to determine who would win one.

On a large screen, we projected these small details of famous artist’s works. Whomever could identify the artist first, won a copy of the book. The most amazing thing about the challenge, was that no matter how obscure the detail was, even of less popular works, every single one was identified with relative ease. It really reinforced how apparent the hand of the artist is in his/her work, regardless of medium… even a particular flick of the wrist can be as important a signature as one’s name.

Below are the images we presented. Can you identify each of these Illustrators?
(Click for more detail)

The answers, and full images, will be presented tomorrow.