July 16th marks the opening of two of my favorite young artists.

Firstly, is Tran Nguyen, whom I had the pleasure of finally meeting at this year’s IMC. Tran has just completed her show entitled ‘The Synapse Between Here and There’. Tran’s work is represented by Thinkspace Gallery, who will be holding the opening reception on July 16th at 6pm. The show will hang until August 6th. A sneak peek of the show can be seen HERE.


The other artist is Andrew Hem. Andrew’s show, ‘Cold Water’, will go up at the LaBasse Projects in Culver City, also on July 16th, at 7pm and will run until August 13th.

Both of these artists are making a great splash in their field, and despite their ages, have already acquired a fervent collectorship. If you get the chance, I highly recommend checking out their shows (or at the very least their websites) and seeing just what all the fuss is about!