By Justin Gerard
Today I am shipping out the first batch of sketchbook orders! 
The response has been amazing. We sold through the first 50 in 3 hours! Of the original 250, we are down to about 45 left. 
The first 50 drawings are individually numbered (using fancy roman numerals) and I will be shipping them out in the order received.  So Fernando from Spain, (who somehow managed to order before the blog link was even up), you will be getting numeral I. Congratulations!
If you came in just after 50 don’t give up hope. Thanks to my somewhat curious numbering system (pictured above), there are a number of extras who numerals aren’t *exactly* standard that will be shipped out as well.  
The sketches feature a lot of dragons, dwarves, elves and vikings.  Why?  Partially because all of these characters are interesting to draw. But also because I was watching Day[9] livestream Skyrim while I was drawing these.  You heard it right, the future is now; I don’t even have to play video games anymore.  I can just watch other kids playing video games while I work. 
Along with the fantasy creatures, there were also a fair number of monsters that managed to creep in as well.  
Like the were-rabbit.  
Note: XXXX is not a real roman numeral. Someone will be getting this as a bonus…
 And some old friends from previous posts.
Thanks again for all the orders and support! You guys are all awesome. I look forward to getting the books in the mail and I hope you enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.