By Jesper Ejsing

This is a cover I did a while back, that has just been released. The book is called Menzoberranzan – City of Intrigue, and is all about Drows. The assignment asked for a beautiful female drow, flying through her underground city.

Here is what i think is super difficult about Drows: they have black skin and live underground! Which means you are actually painting a dark figure – since they also like to dress black and dark – in a poorly lit environment. As you can see, I chose to do a dark figure against a light back ground.

The steps I am showing are: Thumb/sketch, transferred sketch on board, value version on board and final.

When looking at it now I really wanna change the armguards. they look like something out of a Spiderman Movie.

The original is size 40cm by 50cm and is painted in acrylic. The inked value version I inked with a waterproof filtpen and toned with black acrylic.