by Donato

I decided to take a closer look at hands and a few textures on my recent monthly pilgrimage to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. By revisiting these works again and again, I find it very educational to periodically focus on a highly specific characteristic of image making and then seek out the various artistic interpretations of that theme.  The pluralistic viewpoints discovered allow me to better comprehend what is lacking within my own goals for art creation, and at the same time, provide guidance how how to achieve those goals.

Below are a few shots of the paintings and works I passed by that caught my eye.  Apologies for not picking out all the artists and titles on each of these, I tend not to read the placards and focus on the craft and understanding of the specific themes within the imagery of the art. The art, standing on its own, is what I am there for.

P.s.  Irene Gallo, the Art Director of Tor Books and, happened to be at the Museum as well that night, but we never saw each other.  Two ships passing in the night with similar motivations and interests!

J.W. Turner

Jacques Louis David


Anthony Van Dyck

Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens

Lucian Freud

Max Beckman

Thomas Hart Benton

Peter Paul Rubens

Thomas Lawrence