A short time ago, I created the painting you see here. I titled it ‘Frailty’, as it was a personal exploration of my feelings about life, it’s fragility, and untimely deaths.

I documented the entire creation of this mixed media painting as a demo for our Patreon subscribers. But you can still catch a glimpse of that process in the pictures and video below. The piece was executed in a fairly ‘stream of conscience’ manner, painting without a precise plan or color study, and simply seeing where things took me. In the end, I ended up implementing a wide variety of mediums, including: pencil, colored pencil, acrylic, metallic ink, pastels and oil paints.

“In this piece I wanted to explore the notion of life and death. How that which gives us something as beautiful as Life can be viewed as morbid simply because it reminds of Life’s absence.”

This painting is currently up for auction at the Everyday Original website, but only for a few more days! If you’re interested in acquiring this piece, click here for more info:


‘Frailty’, by Dan dos Santos. Mixed Media on Board. 12×16 inches.