The final part of my 4 part trip to the Delaware Museum of Art is up today. I have some more hi-res images to share. I hope you have enjoyed this series of posts!

Remember to open the files up in their full size if you want to see some real details. Some of these shots are worth it to see all the details.

Let’s start with some Victorian goodness in Albert Moore.

I loved the frame on this painting so much that I am including a shot of it. Good frames elevate the work!

I really wanted to take this painting off the wall and bring it home!

“The Silver Vase” by Lilla Cabot Perry

Beautiful juicy paint on the detail below.

I love the rich palette, soft colors and sense of light and depth in the painting below.

“I Knew You Wanted To” by Frances Rogers

I love this little painting. Beautiful composition and subtle atmosphere.

“In Dame Nature’s Parlor” by Henry Jarvis Peck

The museum plaque said that Peck received $35 dollars for the illustration. I used an online inflation calculator and it calculated that from 1904 it would have been about $930 in todays spending money. This was just right before the Golden Age of Illustration where rates really started to climb!

A Wyeth! Always a good treat.

“Janet Turned Her Back and Walked Off and The Men Laboriously Followed” by Gayle Hoskins

Millais surfaces have a beautiful and delicate balance of thin semi transparent washes and rich expressive colors.

“I Gave Her a Lesson” by William Henry Dethlef Koerner




A dapper man, by THE MAN! J.C. Leyendecker, even his studies are a real highlight!

We’ll end with this beautiful painting. I love the stylized figures and dogs. It oozes the sophisticated and avante garde style of the era.

Thanks again!