A piece of great advice can make all the difference in the world to a creatively curious person. Since the perfect sensei isn’t always available, the advice that we are given can vary wildly depending on who is doling it out. How many times have you gotten “a helpful word” from a well-meaning but clueless family member?

One of the earmarks of truly great advice is that it finds you when you need it, and not a minute sooner. Like the famous proverb says: “The teacher appears when the student is ready.”

This inaugural episode of The Starting Bloq takes a short dive into the inspired waters of great advice. And a few friends came along to help shed light on the topic: Dan Dos Santos (illustrator), Erika Peterman (writer), and Iain McCaig (concept artist). Lean in as they share stories of advice that made a lasting impact on their creative and professional lives.



Music provided by Bensound