We are extremely honored to have had Jeff Simpson join us for this month’s Patreon video. Jeff is a concept artist for Ubisoft Montreal and has worked on some incredible titles, including the massively popular ‘Assassin’s Creed’ series, and films such as ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. His paintings are some of the most truly unique, and mesmerizing pieces we’ve seen in recent years.

If you are one of our Patreon subscribers, you already have access to this video at a special reduced price. But if not, hop on over to our shop, and watch as Jeff Simpson walks us through his process for creating hauntingly beautiful images. You’ll get to see him work in real time, as he is interviewed by Dan dos Santos. He discusses his methods, thoughts, influences, and even his reference techniques, all in this 2.5 hour demo.

The entire image is created in a ‘stream of consciousness’ manner, and takes a lot of twists and turns. Part of the joy of the video is not knowing where it’s headed, so we won’t spoil the final image here. You’ll just have to watch it yourself to see it where it ends up!