The Best Deal in the Art World

A year ago Dan Dos Santos told me that I should order a collector’s edition book from Dorian Vallejo – website. He said it’s a great book but you also get an original drawing across the inside over of the book and it was possibly the best deal in the art world. I have always loved his work, but for some reason I delayed… until a few weeks ago.

Mind blown. Such a beautiful book for a shockingly low price of $20, or the collectors edition for an also wallet friendly price of $120 because you get a stunning original work of art inside! Here is a link to the book in his shop

Here is the drawing in my book:

Dorian also has a killer Instagram I’d definitely recommend following. It was fun, after ordering mine, or watch his feed and wonder which one might be coming my way. 🙂

Here is the video time-lapse of  the drawing in my copy:

Here is an example of Dorian’s other drawings. I love how delicate the line work is and the great texture he creates with washes and splatters in the background.

Dorian is a real master of the pen and pencil. I have seen several of his work in person at the Brennen Gallery in Scottsdale and am always impressed and struck by the delicate sensitivity of line and beauty they possess. If you can afford it, get the collector’s edition. If you can’t and don’t think you can save up, get the $20 book.

Here are some drawings from his site, some of which are available!


I love the perspective on this piece belowThe variety of thin and thick lines, washes and sketch, brush and pen, simple in places but highly rendered in others all come together to create a compelling work of art.

It looks like he will sometimes use shellac to add a warm tone to the paper.


I think the drawing below is a masterpiece of elegant design and execution.

Here are some more of his videos to watch too:

If you end up getting the book, let me know! I want to see what drawings go where. I don’t know why, but it’s really satisfying to not only see the drawing but know who ends up with what 🙂

And if you read this, Dorian, thank you for making my life richer and for adding beauty to it with your book and the original drawing you created inside.