Ok, you got me. This creature isn’t exactly a walking hill, more like a sitting hill. A resting hill. That’s fine. After all this time I’m not going to get too hung up on just what to call these things.

See, I don’t know exactly where they came from but I’ve been drawing them for years and years. Probably fair to suspect that they’re some amalgam of my three favorite things to draw: the woods, animals, and human figures. You braid those together and this is what you get from me.

I’ve dedicated whole sketchbooks to these creatures, imagined their life-cycles, all that sort of stuff.

I’ve been pushing myself to take on a collection on single figure works so as to keep up with personal work in the busy times. It’s been a nice, enjoyable method for pursing this sort of character development without building out an entire scene. In any case, thought I’d break this piece down and show the stages!

For starters, this is pencil on Strathmore Bristol 500 series. Vellum surface.


After I scan it, I block in the figure in Photoshop. The nice, sort of deckled watercolor edge at the bottom I achieved with one of Kyle Webster’s immaculate watercolor brushes. It’s a simple thing but I always love the look.

At the outset, I had no particular plan for the color. These are forest-y creatures so I tend to lean towards warm green tones.

From there it’s a pretty simple matter of pushing on with the color work and some highlights.

And there you have it! Some finishing work and additional watercolors.


I’ll draw or paint these creatures any chance I get and, in that spirit, I’d like to extend an invitation for you to draw one as well.

If you’re interested and so inclined, I’ve opened up a little Draw This in Your Style challenge with this piece. I thought it could be a fun distraction if you’re looking for a little illustrative prompt! I’ll be awarding some prizes, as well.

If it sounds like something you might want in on feel free to check out my Instagram or Twitter for details. And while you’re at it, be sure to follow Muddy Colors on those platforms, as well!

Stay safe out there!