For a number of years there’s been a bit of a disconnect, or at very least, a substantial delay between my annual sketchbooks and any new prints associated with that years’ sketchbook.

In ages past I’d be able to show everything all at once, new sketchbook and new prints. (To say nothing of new originals, too.) And I enjoyed it that way! Felt like an unveiling, like I was able to provide an experience for the viewer and show a more complete vision of that years’ theme.

But, as it goes, the busier things are the slower I am with personal work.

For some time now I’ve found myself releasing my sketchbook first, usually, and then bringing along any new prints as I finish them. It’s slow going, sometimes.

Well! It’s taken a little extra time to get everything in order but at long last I’ve got my next collection, sketchbook and prints, ready to show on Kickstarter!

I’ve come to call this set of prints and new sketchbook, The Elysian Collection.

And the accompanying sketchbook, The Little Hills, we’ve talked about some before here on Muddy Colors though at the time it didn’t have a title yet. It features a variety of sketches, scribbles, and finished drawings. And a little acrylagouache painting!

Ah, but remember our post from back in June where were took a look at this drawing?

The crown jewel of this collection, to be sure. And it gets no less than four pages in the sketchbook (you know I’ve got to include some detail shots)!

As promised, here’s a look at the finished color work.

And a better look at the entire set. Some of these you just might recognize. The Little Hill is an older piece but thematically fit with this set so I was happy to include it. And in fact, we talked about it here on Muddy Colors some time ago.

Oh, and that third piece in this collection, Vortími, is another we previously took a close look at with a two part set of posts.


It’s been a long time coming, for sure! But I’m extremely pleased to see this project take shape. And to be able to offer it as a complete collection (along with a pin, if that’s your thing!) is something I’ve been trying to get back to for a number of years now.

I’ve been walking around in circles banging on a drum about personal work for goodness knows how long. Here on Muddy Colors and should you meet me in person at a convention. But sometimes it’s hard. Hard to make that time. Year to year I barely get there, it feels like. Sometimes, anyway!

But there’s simply nothing like making something for yourself to share with others. Because as with anything I do, I hope these pieces provide a kind of “imaginative springboard” to help spark ideas and uncover trails of your own to follow.

I’ve certainly been shown the path, overgrown as it may feel at times, by countless artists before me and if I can help do that for someone, well, hey! Happy to help.