The Warrior by Lisa L. Cyr , Mixed Media Painting 24″ x 12” x 2” (art) with 48″ x 25” x 6” (frame)

The three-dimensional landscape captivates an audience with its engaging constructs, intriguing enclosures, tactile surfaces and custom add-ons, where the sculptural projection adds not only depth and dimension but also meaning to the work. My mixed-media work entited The Warrior features many two-dimensional and three-dimensional painting techniques. Bas-relief and gold-infused details abound, working in tandem with the more painted areas of the figure. The entire collar and lower bodice are created using a series of custom textures that were built up in multiple layers using molding paste and gel medium.

This lower bodice area is created using matte gel medium and several debossing techniques.

This are of relief is built up in layers on Claybord using molding paste and custom die-cut stencils that I created.

Working in relief, I began by texturizing the working surface, using various relief techniques. The chest plate structure is created using a debossing technique, custom stencils that I create myself, gesso, molding paste and gel medium. Lots of layering is done on the surface of this Claybord panel!

The registration of relief elements is tight and critical to maintaining the overall symmetry of the piece. There is very little room for error! It is also quite a challenge to maintain the illusion of depth that is created by painting when areas of bas-relief thread throughout the piece. You don’t ever want a three-dimensional effect to cancel out a two-dimensional one. Check out just some of the details above.

The work also has an ornate framing structure. Because of the complexity, I worked with my husband, illustrator and animator Christopher Short, who came up with a 3D digital model to figure out how we would be able to incorporate the art with the design. The 3D environment not only allowed us to try different things but also assisted in the purchasing and cutting of the wood to the appropriate size and shape. Although we used parts of an existing construct, we had a lot of alterations, both aestheticaly and structurally, to do to make it work for the painting. Check out the finished framework in the video below!


I have been very busy working on a series of mixed-media paintings for my visual novel. In my mixed-media painting entitled The Warrior, I portray a female figure in a position of strength. She is a fighter of sorts and is wearing the armor of a fighter prepared for battle. Within the armor are details decorated with leaves and floral accents. Throughout my work, the aspect of nature, especially leaves, is always present, as the change of the leaves signifies different seasons within one’s life.

Throughout the piece, there is a lot of symbolism and metaphor. The golden headpiece is made of two wingless dragons. In Asian mythology, dragons without wings are seen as guardians and protectors of one’s treasure. In this particular piece, the treasure is oneself and the battle is internal. The two dragons are connected by a bridge at the top which straddles both the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. Creativity and intellect come together as a strong force, a superpower. Throughout history and mythology, bridges have become known as symbols for overcoming obstacles. In this circumstance, the warrior is using her full potential to fight her demons. At the foundation, the bridge boasts red ruby gems. The gem of all gems, rubies represent love, courage and a zest for the authentic life.

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