Hello all, it’s getting close to the end of the year, and how!  This one needs to be quietly slid aside for a fresh start.

I do apologize, I want to write, and I intend to sometime in the near future, but for now I am enjoying the process of building these new examples to learn from, especially with color.  There are so many new tools that make explaining color so much easier than ever before, and the science is now solid with more research going into the eyes than ever before.

But, like my TL;dr posts that go unread by most, this video is a “training your eyes” video and could be considered a Tl;dw for those of you who have the attention span of a Tik Tok or Instagram video length.  It is totally packed full of information as I try, but this one ended up lengthy.  I could have ended it earlier, but without some demonstration I feel like the painters would go to sleep just listening…so I made sure to do a demonstration summarizing the three formulas from the this video and the other two previous videos regarding these formulas.

When I make them, I try to drop simple and short length videos for those who really have no attention span but have enough drive to sit through a 1 – 3 minute lesson.  Sometimes, the subject matter can be distilled into that fractional space but loses all its punch.  Unlike the first two parts of these formulas, I could not let this one be quick and simple without some kind of demonstration showing all the parts at work together at once.  And, as I have also done in the past, too long and too much all at once goes unnoticed and unwatched.  There is no happy medium to just how much, and a digital algorithm is not a descent form of human measure.

So, as it stands, if you want to seriously learn, this video is for you.  If you want to get it on the fly, I will figure something out for you in the not so distant future once this entire series has been completed,  at which point, I will know how to isolate and summarize many of these concepts into short and sweet blasts.

Happier November’s end for those of you who are still pushing onward and as upward in these interesting times.

When the timing seems right, learn and grow in a meaningful and lasting way, and may the form be with you.