The weather sucks.  It’s – 10° Fahrenheit and Ray Bradbury is rising from the dead to write a new White Walker best seller.  Your power is out, the car battery is dead, strained your back shoveling, slipped on ice and smashed your elbow, car windshield cracked from the cold, hot water heater went out last night, water pipes might burst when you are in deep REM sleep, toilet seat is WAY too cold, eating cereal with water because the roads are too dangerous or unplowed to get milk.  I know, I’ve been through all of these.  Seriously, it sucks.

But before you go all ‘Shining’ stir crazy, squeeze some redeeming moments out of this nightmare.  Take a few seconds and be the artist – record the exotic nature in what is happening.  You WILL use this reference at some point in your future.  Make mother nature, with all its horror, pay a bit back for your career.

The reference doesn’t have to be great, small sketches, crappy photos, little notes.  It is a way for you to tap back into what you might never see again in your life time. Winter is here, and a White Walker (or Mr Snow!) may be in your future!

Take back Winter!