This month I have made a video color study.  We will call it an experiment since the camera did some funkiness while filming.  The next videos will be better prepared with a better camera with more manual control.  If you like the content could you leave a comment, it helps me gauge how to make the next post, and is a template for my Gumroad videos that I will start posting up this Sunday, with a new drop every 2-3 weeks for the next several months.


Here is almost all the color/values premixed as a preliminary visit to the image and learning about how to manage the colors.  Note that while it has a limited palette look to it, I used all the hues from the palette to make them.






This version also has too many highlights from the light source illuminating the canvas around the shadow on the right side but is better looking than the version in the video.


Enjoy the time spent learning and have a happy holiday.