Last time, I posted about the printer I used for a small run of comics ahead of an event. I’m now back home and have some stock left of that initial run available!

Introducing Cut Flowers – Chapter 1, a rock and roll horror-comedy by Winona Nelson! You’ll recognize some of this art from previous posts–I’ve been working on it for a few years now.

Jamie is dead. On the plus side, she’s haunting her rock idol Roger Vitt, front man of the short-lived LA punk-goth band Cut Flowers. Middle age has made him a pathetic, pot-bellied alcoholic recluse, but no matter; she can possess him and see his memories and dreams. And he still looks ok, at certain angles. She can fix him – she can be him… if his other ghosts don’t get in the way.

Here’s a preview: the cover and first 5 pages!

The full chapter is 24 pages. Ultimately the story will run 13 chapters and will take a few more years yet to finish. Order a copy here for shipping within the US or here for international.

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