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  • Sarah Finnigan on Loosening UpWhere would one find your initial 5x7 studies?
  • Deirdre Britt on Art Department HijinksAh, thanks. Truly. So nice to hear. Trust you enjoyed Gary’s old stomping ground at Andrews McMeel. They threw great parties!
  • Bob Cosgrove on Loosening UpDavid, two questions: 1. I gather this posted originally in 2017. Have your views modified in any respect in the six or so years hence? 2. In doing th…
  • Felipe Gaona on Loosening UpReally great article and advice, I've been working on a painting for a while now and transitioned from tiny brushes to bigger ones mid painting, I had…
  • Arnie Fenner on Art Department HijinksThanks, Alex. It's a classic story. And what I neglected to mention was that after Boss Barrie Maguire had gotten the ill-fated call from the powers-t…