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Author: Marcos Chin

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How soon is it to ask art directors to give me work after we’ve met? Don’t expect to get work on...

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  • Petko Buyukliev on Studio Equipment: GlassI got my glass palette from Blick.And after few uses there appear tiny cracks.I am working in oils and cleaning it with palette knife and solvent.Don`…
  • Doruk Golcu on Hot and coldI am gonna steal that sooner or later >.>
  • Sebastian on Hot and coldLove Jesper's work! The fact that he most of the times shares the drawing makes really interesting to see how he manges to go to the final works. Make…
  • Edgar Perez on Hot and coldGreat video. s always, the insight is as valuable as the technique used
  • Natasha on Hot and coldThe video process helps so much! I feel like I could watch it for hours and hours without getting tired