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Author: Greg Ruth

Happy New Year!

I think we can all agree whatever side we come from, whatever place of purchase we call home,...

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Art in a Political Age

Diego RiveraI think we can all agree we’re in a crazypants time right now, and more than ever, thanks in large part to the advent of social media and the interwebs, social and political events are smacking us in the face wherever we go. We used to collectively adhere, as I grew up, to a common authority figure for the news and due to this, when timely discussions were had, everyone more or less…

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A failed attempt to illustrate a cover for the short story, DRAGONKIN by Lavie Tidhar   It’s...

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by  Greg Ruth One of the top three questions I get asked privately and when teaching or even at a...

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by  Greg Ruth Endings scare the shit out of most or all of us to some degree. Whatever the cause...

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Saying Yes

-By Greg Ruth It’s the the thing we all of us like to do the most. Yes is so affirmative and...

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