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  This image for Magic the Gathering was already known to me when I got the assignment. And...

Giving Thanks

Sharing some new paintings, and saying thank you. First, I want to say thank you to everyone here...

Freelance Wars

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s crazy deadline time for our Focus sales meetings at Orbit, so my post tonight will be brief. However, since it is my post closest to Halloween, I will leave you a treat. (Like when I gifted you all with the Supernatural Art Director post. Or the Dune post.)Behold…FREELANCE — Freelance Wars (@FreelanceWars) January 22, — Freelance Wars (@FreelanceWars) February 5, — Freelance Wars (@FreelanceWars)…

For Hate’s Sake

Last month I posted a collage of some of my favorite covers for Moby Dick. Today, I am sharing my...


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