by David Palumbo

A recently released cover for Eve: True Stories from Dark Horse Comics

Hello all! I will start by saying that I’m very proud to begin posting here as a regular contributor. There are many ideas that I look forward to dissecting and examining in regards to picture making but, for now, I just wanted to make a quick introduction and talk a bit about my background for those who don’t know me.

Like a few other folks here, I’m a full time freelance illustrator working exclusively in oils and primarily in the genre markets. My first pro job was back in 2004, the same year that I graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, though at that time I was primarily creating and showing gallery work. It wouldn’t be until the following year that I devoted my full attention to a career in illustration and began the long slow climb of building a portfolio and seeking clients.

One of my very first commissions for Magic: The Gathering from early 2008

After finding a good steady pace, I was asked in 2010 to take on an art director position at Night Shade Books which I held for the next two years before stepping down to recommit myself to my painting 100%. Around this time I also dramatically revised my painting process and goals as an artist. I feel it was a turning point for me creatively and professionally and certainly something to be discussed more in-depth in the future.

Though it has not been my primary focus since shifting to illustration, I have maintained an interest in gallery work and continue to create and show personal/fine art piece as time allows. The majority of these at the moment related to a series of nudes and figure studies (I never get tired of painting the figure) which I’ve been developing since 2008. 

Wallflower, from a 2011 gallery show

Last year I began working with Richard Solomon Artist Representatives which has opened me up to broader markets than those which I had ever previously been exposed to. Similar to my taking the position of AD for Night Shade, this was a path which I had not planned to pursue but, when presented, I recognized as an opportunity to learn more about the industry that I work in and hopefully to continue growing as an artist. This attitude, to be open, watchful, and ready for growth opportunities, has steered my choices for the majority of my career thus far and now being a member of this collective will be the newest such door to walk though. I’m very excited to be here and looking forward to all the great exchanges to follow!

And for those contributors and readers currently at Spectrum Fantastic
Art Live (just kicking off the day of this posting), come visit me at
the Flesk Booth #501! See you there!

No Good Deed, a Dark Horse cover from last year which I will have on display at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live