-By Jesper Ejsing

I have been playing roleplaying games ever since the mid 80´s, and still do. Our group is formed by such opposite guys as possible. We have a Game Designer, a Yoga-Master, a Nasa Scientist, an Author and a Fantasy artist. Both the Author and the Game Designer are artists too, so we have a long history of illustrating the scenes we are playing or especially our characters and the stuff they carry around.

Recently we just switch from a classic fantasy setting. We have played in the same homemade world for the last 10 years, so now we wanted to try something new. This new world is a mix between Miyazaki´s Nausicaa and the new Mad Max movie. And of cause we needed to visualize these new guys and the equipment right away.

Here is some of the figures I came up with. They are loosely based on my brother, the gamemaster´s Ideas. The world is polluted with toxic fungus, so we either live underground or use masks to stay alive.