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Merfolk Trickster

The newest set of Magic the gathering is called Dominaria. It is an old setting in magic and it...

Blurred Vision

Several years ago, I had the chance to run into one of my favorite (living) artists, Tony...

Artistic Arsenals

My friend Micah Christensen (I have posted about him before with his excellent series of lectures...

Magic for Artists: Part 1

Before we begin, let me just say I did try to write this as one post, and there’s just simply too much information. So we’re starting with an intro, then the next post will be mostly focused on Cards, because artists love doing card decks! (I mentioned on Facebook that I was thinking of doing a Tarot for Artists post and I was overwhelmed with the response.) So in the next post we’ll be breaking…

Phoresis Cover

Some weeks ago, I had the privilege of working with Yanni Kuznia at Subterranean Books, for a...


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